Here’s the problem summer weddings: You want to look like a million bucks (because: Instagram and Snapchat, plus you're single and ready to mingle) without actually spending a million bucks on a dress you realistically won’t get to wear that often. After all, there are work wardrobes to consider and, well, shoes . We’ve all got a favorite affordable-but-glam retailer we go to instinctively for this kind of thing, but if those avenues are not producing the look-at-me dress you’re envisioning, one of these three sites is sure to get the job done.

Fame & Partners

Chrissy Teigen in Fame & Partners' Avalon two-piece look, $239 .

If your upcoming event is black-tie or you generally have trouble finding dresses in the silhouettes that look best on you, you’re going to love this site. Most dresses are well under $300, and every single one is completely customizable. Chrissy Teigen’s gorgeous green look, above? It comes in 30 different colors and just about everything on it can be adjusted to suit your body shape and personal style.

Rent the Runway

By now you’ve probably heard about or tried Rent the Runway, the formalwear rental site that launched in 2009 and promptly took over the world. But did you know about their recently-launched Unlimited service? If you’ve got more like five formal events to go to this summer, this might the best option for you. Pay $139 per month and receive a rotating assortment of wedding-appropriate dresses and accessories, right to your door.

Vow to Be Chic

If you’ve been invited to one of those weddings where everyone wears white, or you just know this one’s going to be on the fancy side, we implore you to give Vow to Be Chic a try. It’s a wedding and bridesmaid-dress rental site that only carries the dresses you’d actually want to wear (even if you're not technically a bride or bridesmaid). Think: rose-hued sequined gowns, tailored white jumpsuits, and intricate lace sheaths for days.