What to wear during summer when there is cold inside your office? How do you feel when you enter in your office wearing the summer dress and the AC makes you feel extremely cold? In such a case, you need to try something different than merely putting on cool summer dresses. Choose a dress that could make you feel somewhat warm inside your office and cool as you leave.

Sleek and Cool Outfit Idea

A trench dress is one of the most versatile office outfits. When there is cold inside office and 90 degrees outside, an idea is to try a silk trench dress. You can even pair it shorts. Also, keep a jacket with you so if you feel cold, you may put it on. Complete your look with block heel sandals and a matching pair of earrings and look appropriate and stay calm. Here are the fashion pieces to get.

Silk Trench Dress $325

Leaf Print Shorts $935

Sleeveless Blouse $5.99

Gold Stud Earrings $65

Block Heel Sandals $398

Look Polished and Formal

The next office outfit idea is to try pants. You can wear the trendy pants in a number of ways. You can pair a top with pants or a formal shirt dress too. Airy pants paired with silk shirts are the most appropriate choice for cold offices during summer. Get sandals and the matching formal earnings and get a polished and a formal office look. The top suggestions are:

A silk Shirt $346

Black/White Earrings $750

Formal Office Sandals $425

Ji Oh Pants , $780

Decent and Glowing

What to wear while getting ready for a cold office when you need to look decent as well as glowing? Dress accordingly as you dress for the summer. However; keep a sweater with you to put it over the shoulders. Get a cardigan and pair it with a maxi dress. Get a tote bag and the formal sandals and feel warm inside cold office too and work comfortably. Top suggestions for you here are:

Hooded Cotton Cardigan $395

A maxi Dress $297

Platform Sandals for Office $850

Everlane The Petra Magazine Tote , $325

A Denim Formal Look

Denim look is always an appropriate look for any occasion. The next cold office outfit idea in summer is to try a cool denim look. So, get some denim pieces. Get a long maxi or a wrap dress for your office and pair it with an embroidered denim jacket for a touch of cool denim. Wear a pair of floral earrings for a feminine touch. Complete your look and add canvas sneakers.

A formal slip dress $650

Floral Earrings for Office $375

White Canvas Sneakers $160

Topshop MOTO Embroidered Jacket , $100