By all means, still buy yourself that black leather biker jacket  you had your eye on—you’ll wear it forever—but if you invest in one other piece of outerwear this fall, let it be the enduring camo jacket for its uncanny ability to add a tough-girl touch to anything in your closet from skirts and dresses to high-waist jeans and crop tops.

Right now, we’re seeing a few different variations hitting shelves—classic oversize field jackets, but also camo bombers, and styles that clearly got the customization memo and are covered in embroidery, patches, and pins.

Here, take a look at how street-style stars and the Insta-cool kids choose to style their camouflage jackets, then shop of the season’s best—and most affordable—picks.


Motivation Only the Strong Coach's Jacket, $85; at MTVTN

Stella Wants to Die

Milk It Vintage Oversized Camo Jacket, $57; at ASOS add to cart

Photo: instagram / @katekijo

Vintage Army Camo Jacket, $38; at Etsy

Collage Vintage