Last summer, when Ukrainian designer Vita Kin ’s embroidered linen dresses and tops started surfacing on every fashion-girl from Leandra Medine to Anna Dello Russo, it ignited a trend. The designer was riffing on the vyshyvanka , the blouse that's part of Ukraine's traditional costume. Kin rendered it in cool color combinations and had it cut in pitch-perfect proportions. Early on, Vita Kin’s creations were only available through Instagram, but thanks to all the cool-girl approval, the designer soon got picked up by Net-a-Porter, Matches Fashion, and several other legit retailers.

But the story doesn’t end there. Fast forward to this summer, when every boho designer under the sun has put out their own version of a vyshyvanka , mostly in dress form . From Ulla Johnson to Free People, there’s an option at practically every price point. There’s even another standalone brand dedicated to commissioning authentic vyshyvanka -inspired dresses and blouses, called March11 .

But what’s really remarkable is how Etsy sellers have capitalized on the trend. Type in “Vita Kin” to the platform’s search tool and you’ll get 1,132 results—all riffs on the vyshyvanka , most being sold straight from Ukraine.

Blouse, $144, available at UkrNational on

Dress, $104, available at MyFactoryHub on

Dress, $141, available at PrimeEmporium on

Blouse, $82, available at alltimeometime on

Dress, $95, available at Etnodim on

We have no way of vouching for the authenticity or quality of what’s being sold on Etsy, but we’ll tell you one thing: If you haven’t picked up one of these beautiful, summer-perfect pieces just yet, now is definitely the moment. You’ve got nothing but options.

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