And to no one's surprise, we want everything.

The Arrivals has only been around since October of 2014, but in the two short years since, it's already cemented itself as the hot outerwear brand to watch. The label, founded by Kal Vepuri and Jeff Johnson, is an online-only concept that brings exceptionally crafted pieces, like edgy leather moto jackets and clean coats, to consumers at prices that fall below the $1,000 mark. One look at the designs, and you can tell that there's a serious value here — their signature Rainier and shearling styles would run well into the thousands elsewhere.

Now that they've "arrived" on your radar, we have some exciting news. The Fall 2016 collection just launched! It's split up into two parts, dubbed the 3.0 and the 3.1. The first section debuted on August 30, and the second, which is geared more towards winter, will be released on October 4. Just in time to start planning out your fall wardrobe! While The Arrivals itself is inspired by architecture, this particular collection draws from the simplicity of the '60s mod silhouette, combined the attitude of '90s street style. Take a peek at some of the new designs below.

Winter Vader, $745,

Han Unisex Bomber, $345,

Petra Long Coat, $465,

Kahn City Coat, $395,